OJ Simpson's alleged accomplices testify in Las Vegas

by Jay Gray
NBC News

Day two of O.J. Simpson's pre-trial hearing began with powerful testimony.

"I really think it went south when I saw the gun come out," said Tom Riccio, the middle-man who arranged the meeting at the Palace Station in September.

Riccio is a key prosecution witness and the only man with immunity in the case.

He faced hours of questions from Simpson's defense team.

The line of questioning from Simpson's attorneys laid out two key aspects their defense.

They claim Simpson was after items taken from his home that night, and had no idea guns were involved in the alleged attack.

"He said he didn't see it - there is a reel good chance he didn't.  He was three feet in front of the guy with a gun," Riccio testified.

It is a key issue in a case that continues to hinge on perspective, and a cast of at best, questionable characters.