More than 80,000 items missing from the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

by Angie Crouch

Thursday night the new Nancy Reagan Exhibit opened at the Ronald Reagan Library in California.

But much of the talk wasn't focused on the beautiful gowns, it was on the disappearance of more than 80,000 items from the Reagan Library collection.

The style exhibit comes amid reports that the library can't account for more than 80,000 out of 100,000 valuable mementos from Reagan's White House years.

Reagan Foundation Chairman, Fred Ryan said, "Mrs. Reagan is very disappointed by it. Everybody with the Reagan Foundation is, and we just hope that we can just get this fixed as soon as possible."

The investigation was all the talk among guests.

Former Chrysler CEO Lee Iacocca said, "I think inventory control would be very important in a place like this, so they have a lot of explaining to do."

An audit by the inspector general found there was a near universal security breakdown that left many items vulnerable to pilfering and one former employee is accused of stealing.

Sloppy record keeping made it difficult to track items so they could be hidden away in storage.

Former California Governor Pete Wilson had harsh words for the accused archivist who has reportedly been fired.

Wilson said, "It's probably un-Christian, but I said that should probably find that guy and hang him."

But, former Senator John Danforth remains optimistic.
"Well, maybe they'll turn up, nobody knows, hope for the best," said Danforth.