Prosecution builds case against OJ

by Jay Gray
NBC News

OJ Simpson was back in a Las Vegas courtroom Friday, ready to listen to more testimony against him.

Friends and would-be accomplices of Simpson say the former football star was the mastermind behind the September robbery inside a Vegas Hotel.

During testimony Friday, co-conspirator turned witness Thomas Riccio continued his testimony.

He told the court, "Ya know he really seemed mad at these people for having his personal belongings. OJ Simpson was the one mainly plotting this out."

Riccio reportedly set-up the meeting at the Palace Station Hotel in September, and recorded the alleged attack.

Riccio is considered so important to the prosecution, he's the only witness who's been granted immunity in the case.

He testified, "I said look, maybe we ought to have a security guard, he made it sound like I have my boys here, we're gonna take care of it."
Riccio is only the second of eight witnesses scheduled for the evidentiary hearing which is moving painfully slow.

It's not likely to speed up when witnesses Walter Alexander, Charles Cashmore, and Michael McClinton are called to testify.

Originally co-defendants, all three made deals with the prosecution, and pleaded guilty to lesser charges in exchange for testifying against Simpson.

Simpson's attorneys have said they are anxious for the opportunity to quote, "vigorously" cross-examine the men.