25 Accidents on I-20 Since October 1st

By Camaron Abundes
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- Drivers never like to see orange cones up ahead, but watching your car get towed away after an accident might be worse.

"It only takes a moment of being distracted, and there could be a serious accident," said Glen Larum, Public Information Officer for the Texas Department of Transportation, "if drivers don't slow down and leave plenty of space between them and the vehicle in front of them, there is always a possibility of someone needing to come to a quick stop, and you not being able to."

Since October 1st there have been 25 accidents I-20 near a TXDOT construction site, a site that will be under construction for the next 8-10 months.

"We're making new entrance ramps and exit ramps off the Interstate mostly to serve the Horseshoe, and additional development along that area," said Larum.

Wes Leonard has driven up and down I-20 for 33 years, and says he thinks many drivers just don't think.

"It's not the construction, it's the drivers, there's plenty of notice, about what's going on right here, and people need to use what's up here," Leonard said pointing to his head.

"I always tell drivers, every time you see a sign that says roadwork ahead, you need to be prepared to stop, and you need to be extra alert," said Larum.