Fundraising Project Recovered

by Jacqueline Sit
NewsWest 9

"I was pretty glad I was pretty stoke," Marcos Cook, an Ag Mechanic student, said.

"I was pretty happy about the whole circumstance not many times can you wake up in the morning and know that something so exciting can happen to you that day," Rusty Hollingsworth, an Ag Mechanic teacher, said.

Excited and breathing a sigh of relief tonight, after a stolen deer stand, their fundraiser made it back home to garden city high school.

"We're glad that we have it back and that we actually found it I'm glad everybody helped out it's a good thing they watch the news I guess," Kelsey Jones, an Ag Mechanic student, said.

A NewsWest Nine viewer watched our story Wednesday to find out the deer stand they bought was actually stolen from these Ag Mechanic students, who spent almost a year building it.

"I was pretty dumbfounded at first and didn't think anything like that would happen around here wasn't expecting it I guess stuff happens," Cole Schwartz, another student said.

With the help of Glasscock County Sheriff's investigator, they were able to pick up the project.  Now, it's back standing tall and intact.

"I'm just excited, finally after all the hard work we've put through, it's finally back," Levi Schaefer, a student said.

Ready to be raffled off at their last home game of the season.

"Somebody will win it fair and square and then it'll make it a lot better for the person who actually won it so we'll all be able to sleep better knowing we have the deer stand back," Hollingsworth said.

I can't tell you how excited these students were when they found out part of their project was recovered. They are still looking for a trailer, if you have any information.  Please call the school.