Bomb Threat at a school in Hobbs evacuates students

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

A Hobbs junior high student is in big trouble accused of making a fake bomb and planting it at school.

Officials found the fake bomb Wednesday morning behind a toilet in the boys bathroom at Houston Junior High School.

Authorities tell us, a student found the device and notified the school, and the school called the cops.

All the students were evacuated, and sent to a nearby church.

The bomb squad from Santa Fe was called in.

While waiting for them, we're told a 13-year old student stepped forward, and admitted he was the one responsible.

He told officers it was a fake, made of parts from a calculator, digital camera, and batteries from a guitar tuner.

The fake bomb was still checked out by the bomb squad who confirmed it was a dummy, and everyone was let back in the school later in the afternnoon.

That student has been charged with making a bomb threat, that's a felony, and was later released to his parents.