Texas students caught hanging noose from high school tower

by Danielle Guzman

Two Texas high school students faced disciplinary action after they were caught hanging a noose on school grounds.

Pearland police said 17-year-old Corey Ellis and another classmate climbed on top of the band tower in the school parking lot and hung a noose from it.
As they came down a security guard saw them and called police.

"This is no joke. It's a serious offense," said Sgt. Roy Castillo with the Pearland Police Department.

Whether it was meant as a joke or not, school officials said that behavior will not be tolerated.

Hanging nooses have been in the headlines recently from the Jena 6 controversy to employees accused of hanging them at work.

Both Pearland students are charged with disorderly conduct.

Police said they hope the community learns from this mistake.

"This is a great opportunity for parents to talk to their kids about how serious this is, and how it is not a joke. We will take it seriously, and you could go to jail for it," Castillo said.

Officials said the students were placed in an alternative school until the investigation is completed.