Dealing with an Abundant Harvest for Cotton Farmers

By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

This year, parts of West Texas have seen more rain than usual. But one business in the Permian Basin is seeing all the benefits from more wet weather, Cotton Farming. NewsWest 9 Wednesday learned how farmers in Glasscock County are dealing with a surplus in this year's harvest.

"We've got the good weather with us and it's time to get it out, and we get every hour we can get in a day to get that done," said Mike Batla, who has been in the cotton farming business for years.

For cotton farmers, this time of the year is strictly for harvesting. And Batla said the extra amount of crops has been a blessing.

"You could compare it to I guess the Olympics coming into a big city. I mean it just puts so much, a big crop like this puts so much money into the community," said Batla.

And he said they have been hard at work to collect the cotton and compact them into modules, so they can be ready to send off.

Farmers said one of the modules can be pretty thick, pretty densely compact. They said it's roughly the equivalent of 12 to 13 bails of cotton. And while prices vary year after year they said one of them can probably sell for around 36-hundred dollars.

But he added an overabundance of cotton has its own problems too, because the harvest season doesn't last forever.

"You're in a bind here for a period of six weeks, and it needs to come out, and it needs to go, and everything needs to work right," explained Batla.

And neighboring cotton farmers are dealing with the same problem.

Batla added, "You work through it, you work through it, everything comes together."