California family looted three times during wildfires

by Monica Dean

Looting victim Alexandra Rogers recalls asking herself "Is this a joke? You really think is it a joke like oh my God what, it's a joke that's the first think you're thinking."

But on Saturday morning, Alexandra Rogers quickly realized this was no prank.

Her house had been burglarized a second time.

Alexandra says "oh my God honey where's our clothes?  Where's all your suits, where's my shirts, where's my pants?"

Along with jewelry, cameras, bikes, even a sofa.

Alexandra says she feels violated.

During the fires, the Rogers evacuated along with thousands of other San Diegans.

Alexandra says, "they were thinking let me get my pictures, let me grab my children, I'm still in my pajamas. And we're out of here."

She says they didn't think to check the locks. When the family of six returned home that week they noticed jewelry and electronics missing. They didn't realize the extra set of house keys were taken until it was too late.

Sheriff's deputies believe more than one person is responsible.

San Diego Sheriff's Dept. Sgt. Kelly Ann Stuart says "and they probably had a large vehicle of some type a van or moving van. They took a lot of items. If anyone has information if they could call Sheriff's office that would be great."

The Rogers recently relocated to the area.

They're renting this home in San Elijo Hills, a community they used to call home, a place they still love.

Alexandra says, "things are always replaceable as long as you have your health and you're family it's going to be fine."