Louisiana police officer fired after hanging noose in his car

by Heath Allen

A Thibodaux, Louisiana police officer has been fired for hanging a noose from the rear-view mirror of his personal car.

A group of black police officers went to the Chief of Police after noticing the display.

Corporal Michael Rodrigue had the vehicle parked on city property.

"They're hurt by it. You know, what could he possibly be representing to put something like this up?" Chief Craig Melancon said.

Rodrigue originally was suspended with pay.

His termination came, Melancon said, after the officer couldn't come up with a reasonable explanation for the noose.

"I to this day do not know what that noose meant to him as an individual," Melancon said.

Neither Rodrigue nor his family would comment about the incident, other than to say they're planning to hire an attorney.

Rodrigue has 15 days from the date he was terminated to file an appeal with the local civil service board.