10 Million Dollar School Bond For Grady I.S.D.

By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

10 Million Dollars. That's how much the Grady School District is asking from voters in Tuesday's elections, and administrators said its cash they absolutely need.

For administrators with Grady ISD, the school bond which affects both the elementary and the high school has been broken up into multiple phases, and one of the biggest is security. And that means making sure the whole campus is secure with several main entrances.

Johnny Tubb, the superintendent for Grady ISD, gave NewsWest 9 a tour of the school Monday, and showed us all the areas that will see an upgrade if the bond passes. He showed us where the cafeteria will be expanded, where they are planning on adding new classrooms, and even where they are planning to make more rooms for lockers and walkways.

And he said the proposed upgrades to the school come after a lot of careful planning.

"We're trying to address the needs, we are not looking to build a Taj-Mahal or anything. We are trying to build something that will take care of our kids and our school district for the next 30 years," said Tubb.

But if voters give a green light to the bond, Tubb said the biggest visible change will be the addition of a brand new gymnasium.

Tubb showed us the spot next to the football field where they plan on building the gym. He said while the old gym is nice, it just doesn't have the amount if seating space necessary for a growing school.

Administrators add that if the school bond passes, it won't be too long before those Wildcat basketball players can slam dunk in a brand new gym.