Vigil held for 'Baby Grace', the unidentified child found in a plastic box

by Lisa Baldwin

Texas authorities are still searching for the identity of a young girl whose body was found in a plastic container near Galveston last week.

A vigil for the child they're calling "Baby Grace" was held Sunday afternoon at the spot where her body washed up on Galveston Bay's Tiki Island.

Police have released a forensic artist's sketches of the child in the hope that someone may recognize her.

"Baby Grace" is believed to have been between two and three years old.

She is described as white, 32 to 35 inches tall and 25 to 30 pounds.

She had long wavy blond or light brown hair and was wearing a Target-brand skirt, a pink or red shirt and white light-up tennis shoes with purple flowers on them at the time of her death.