Young man with a big heart raises money for California wildfire victims

by Kylie Conway

One young man with a big heart is making hot cocoa in an effort to make life a little easier for those hit by the California wildfires.
The perfect recipe for a cup of hot chocolate and you can grab it on the go!

9-year-old Zach, with the help of his dad, is working to raise money for California wildfire victims.

Zach McGuire says, "pretty much I just want to raise some money, and get it to them as quick as possible."

Today, Zach raised $59 for California fire aid and this isn't his first philanthropy.

In 2005, Zach raised more than $400 for Katrina victims.

And recently had a "Kool-Aid for Flood-Aid" for Findlay, Ohio residents.

This afternoon, Zach's geared up again to raise money to send west.

Zach's father, Tom, says "but, I am very proud of him. He has a very giving heart. He's a very giving person, and he's conscious of how other people feel. So he's doing his bit to help people out."