Colorado ISD Rollback Election

by Jacqueline Sit
NewsWest 9

"Utilities, gasoline, diesel, insurance rates, all of these are big, big costs they go up every single year, it's a recipe for disaster if something is not done," Jim White, Colorado ISD Superintendent, said.

It's a move that Colorado ISD Superintendent Jim White never dreamed of but with the state not keeping up with the schools' needs.  He's down to his last option...the rollback election.

"I'm not sure if people realize but every superintendent that I know try to avoid rollback election like we have like a plague we wouldn't even come close to it if we felt like we had a choice," White said.

No matter how you look at it, this year's rollback election adds up to a tax cut for voters.

The current tax rate is $1.37.  Now the state originally set the new rate, dropping it to $1.04.  But Colorado school officials told the state that number short changes them when it comes to meeting their education needs.  So at Colorado City's request, the rollback rate is $1.17.

"That would bring in for us an additional $286,973," White said.

"You can see the benefits for the kids," Lenore Munoz, a parent in support of the issue, said.

Parents like Lenore Munoz who has four kids in the Colorado City schools say this is a great compromise.  Voters get a tax break and the schools still get the money they need.

We wished we lived in a world where the money didn't affect it but of course if there's more money that can be spent on children, of course it affects them.

With election just a few days away, they're waiting on the votes that will determine the fate of their future.

Our back up plan is to cut down expenses immediately.

I spoke with voting officials and they say more than 100 people have already marked their ballots.  Early voting is still taking place right now and Election Day is on Tuesday, November 6th.