Man invents bracelet that shoots pepper spray at would-be attackers

by Angela Williams

We see it all the time, crime after crime, after crime, but Domonique Torrence says he's had enough.

"As I saw ladies scared to walk in the street, go to the mall, go shopping, I mean just common every day ordinary things. And it's because people that were preying on them," said Torrence.

So he turned off the television and turned on an idea.

It came to him not long after he himself was attacked.

"I've healed somewhat from my tragic situation but there are many people out there that don't have to go through this," Torrence said.

He calls it the Security Glove.

It fits on your hand and with a quick flip and press of a button the device sprays out mace in a "Spider Man" type of way.

Torrence said this device is his way of taking a stand against crime.

Looking after two daughters of his own, he said it's also comforting.

"I am six foot four but I can't be everywhere with my daughters. My oldest will go to college in about two years and it does make me think about her safety.

Torrence thinks about her safety and the safety of others in hopes that every little bit helps out.

"I'm not saying that this will be a 100% to stop criminals cold, but it will still let you do the things you do and still use your hands," said Torrence.

Torrence says he came up with the idea in 1999 and hopes to market it to everyone who wants that extra sense of safety.

The product should be ready for sale by the end of 2007.