Ft. Stockton Cold Case Resurfaces

by Jacqueline Sit
NewsWest 9

Private investigators tell NewsWest Nine there could be two possible suspects in this cold case.  Of a man who was reported missing 19 years ago, and his family just wants to know what happened.

"When the investigators called and said they were going to open up the case again, I got shook, because you want so much for this to work," Bud Daggett, Joe Daggett's older brother, said.

A Fort Stockton family trying to find justice and closure, two things that have been a long time coming.  Relatives tell NewsWest Nine Joe Daggett was last seen at his girlfriend's house in a neighborhood, back in March of 1988.

"I would love for it to be closure to where you can say I know that I'll never see him again where there's still a little bit of hope when they never found the body," Bud Daggett said.

Private investigator James Juliano from Albuquerque, New Mexico says they've been working on this cold case for some time now, and says they have some new leads and some suspects, but he says they're not getting cooperation from a district attorney.

"There is enough circumstantial evidence in this case to move forward to move to a grand jury," James Juliano, a private investigator said.

But 83rd District D. A. Frank Brown says he has been cooperating since day one and the Texas Rangers have been investigating this case from the start and still talks to them on a regular basis.

All this family wants is time for closure, healing, and answers to this 19-year-old unsolved mystery.

"Not having somebody pay the price for taking our brother away from our family, that's probably the biggest thing that bothers me," Lea Daggett, Joe Dagget's younger brother, said.

At this point, private investigators tell NewsWest Nine they are checking out points of interest, but will not disclose which area they are looking at and they are planning on contacting the FBI about this cold case, we'll let you know what happens.