Chicago mother murdered while trick or treating with her kids

by Lauren Jiggets

A 38-year-old pregnant Chicago mother of three was shot and killed while trick-or-treating with her three small children Wednesday night.

Family members said Leticia Barrera was standing in front of her home with her three children after coming home from trick-or-treating when she was shot.

Police said they believed the woman was a victim of gang-related gunfire, and that she was not the target.
"We believe it's gang-related, but the victim would be an unintended victim," said Chicago police Capt. Edward Griffin.

Witnesses said they heard four or five shots, and police said there were two shooters.

The children, who were 2, 4 and 6 years old, were not hurt during the incident.

The woman's husband was in Florida at the time.

Police said they were looking for two teenage boys who were described as wearing dark-hooded sweatshirts.

One of the teenagers was wearing a mask.

"We were standing right on Ashland by the house when the person came out of nowhere and started shooting," said Danesha Nicholson, who was also out trick-or-treating with her children. "We just ran."

Nicholson said a man came up behind her and told her to duck.

What followed was a spray of gunfire.

"The boy brushed past me," Nicholson said. "He was like, 'y'all duck,' and from then on, I just ran."

Police said they planned to study surveillance footage taken with cameras positioned above the scene to look for the identity of the shooters.

"The shooters were directly under this area, so we are going to send the tape in now to see if we can get an identification of the shooters," Griffin said.

Leticia Flores, an aunt of the children, said the victim was a good person who was dedicated to her children.

"She had problems with no one," Flores said.