Cleveland mall bans unescorted teens after 2:30 pm

by Carole Sullivan

A Cleveland shopping mall is saying "no" to teen shoppers.

Anyone under the age of 18 will not be allowed in the Tower City mall without an adult after 2:30pm.

The policy is for every day of the week.

The curfew comes in response from customers, retailers and adjacent office partners voicing concern over the growing packs of young teens who troll the downtown shopping mall.

Of the 1,104 shopping malls in this country 51 have curfews for kids according to the International Council of Shopping Centers.

Most restrictions come at night or only on weekend evenings.

Tower City's seven-day-a-week policy is by far one of the most restrictive.

Tower City argues it is unlike any other mall.

It's attached two a public transit hub, two hotels, and several office buildings.

The management company feels this change will benefit retailers and bring back families.

There will be a 30 day period where security will notify teens of the new rule.

The new idea is not sitting well with some activists.

A community group is calling for a two-day boycott of Tower City because of the new after school and weekend restrictions on teenagers.

The group Black on Black Crime is urging people to protest by staying away from tower City through Friday.

The group's founder claims the mall's new policy targets African-American youngsters.

Tower City says the program is part of a national trend and says the center consulted with the NAACP and the Cleveland schools.