Sex Offenders Off the Streets

By Camaron Abundes
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- This Halloween parents had a lot more to worry about than costumes and candy, when they sent their children door to door. This year marked the third year sex offenders on probation spent the night off the streets and at the adult probation office, but this year they have a new tool for keeping track of child predators.

"On a night like tonight if somebody is working we can check that, we can check as often as every three minutes to check to see that they're there," Allen Bell, deputy director of operations in the Midland Corrections Department, is talking about a new GPS ankle monitor that can give exact details of where a sex offender might show up.

"It works off of cell phone towers, and it will give us and actual street address of where they are," he said soon it will be setup to send messages to probation officers if a sex offender shows up in a safe zone like a school or park.

About thirty five people in probation have the monitors about half are registered sex offenders. Not everyone has a monitor that's why Allen Bell set out with probation officer Kim Rogers to make sure sex offenders who say they are working are where they say they are, and even if they are doing the best job they can, he says parents shouldn't have a false sense of security.

"Just because we're doing this to 30-40 pedophiles, there are still 30-40 others that aren't being watched," he says because they haven't been caught.