World's second largest pumpkin on display in New York

by Michelle Franzen
NBC News

A massive pumpkin, the second largest in the world, was carefully transported from the fields of Iowa to New York City.

At a whopping 1,662 pounds this pumpkin is center stage at New York's Chelsea Market.

For Hugh McMahon, it is a piece of art just waiting to be carved.

Hugh McMahon says, "it is a relaxing thing to do..i do enjoy the extra process of carving."

McMahon has been turning pumpkins into works of art for more than three decades, celebrating the season one slice at a time.

Hugh McMahon says, "this idea is to do to do a scary sun in dishonor of global warming."
McMahon's tools are simple.

Sharp knives to do the trick.

The treat:  a 3-D spectacle that shines.

Melanie and Milly Wasserman say "I love it, I love it, go to me, I like it, it's so big."

Artist Judy Metzger says, "we want to take it home on the plane."

And for those who have yet to carve McMahon has some tips.

Hugh McMahon says, "I like to clean out the pumpkin from underneath to keep the shape of the stem, and then i spray lemon juice afterward to preserve it, and you can refrigerate it too."

Good advice and huge inspiration to help you get carving.

The largest pumpkin in the world weighed in at 1,689 pounds in Massachusetts this past September.