New Rule for Ector County Sex Offenders

By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

On Halloween night ghosts and goblins, witches and werewolves, will be out in full force. But for some, children walking door to door can be a serious temptation. NewsWest 9 found out how officers in the Ector County Adult Probation Department are planning on laying down the law. And that means a new rule for sex offenders.

"We are going to be there, I mean, the pedefiles will go where the children go," said Roy Harrison, an Ector County Sex Offender Compliance Supervisor.

Keeping a close eye on neighborhoods around Halloween is a regular event for officers in Odessa, and making sure child sex offenders aren't in the area is a top priority, but this year they are trying something new.

"This year we decided that we are going to try bringing the regisitered sex offenders to the adult probation department, and we'll have the registered sex offender conselors here with them, consul them, probably have some group sessions and some training with them, and that way we know where these individuals are," explained Harrison.

And those offenders will stay off the street from 8 until after the trick or treating is done. However, it's not the only strategy being used.

"This year we're working even closer with the school system. To make sure they know who are probationers are, they're not supposed to be picking children up at school, going to school, or any activities on school grounds," said Harrison.

In addition, child sex offenders on probation cannot have any halloween displays, pumpkins or any other items that might intice small children.

"And I think it lets the registered sex offenders know within this county know that it's more than just a game with us, if we catch them, we are going to send them to the penitentary," said Harrison.