President Bush blasts Democrats in Congress for delaying key legislation

by Tracie Potts
NBC News

President Bush and Congress have locked horns, and no one seems to be letting go.

On Tuesday, President Bush scolded Congress, saying "Send me something I can sign!"

Nearly a month after the budget deadline there's still there's no deal on poor kids' health insurance, veterans health, the Pentagon's budget or Iraq.

President Bush blames what he calls Democratic big spenders.

"They haven't seen a bill they could not solve without shoving a tax hike into it," the President said during an appearance with Republican Congressional leaders.

He accused lawmakers of holding Iraq money hostage by threatening to bundle it with social programs.

Democrats say Iraq is draining the budget.

"He should be reducing the amount we're spending in Iraq, so we can again invest in domestic priorities, like children's health care," said Iowa Representative Bruce Braley.

Another children's health bill is in the works, but Republicans say it's a waste of time.

"It costs more. It insures less. And it has a massive tax increase," said Mississippi's Trent Lott.

They're also butting heads over giving the Consumer Product Safety Commission more money to inspect toys for lead.

The CPSC's chief said no thank you -- the bill's too complicated and gives the wrong incentive to whistleblowers.

Democrats say she should resign.

"She's not fighting for our consumers. She's fighting for the toy companies," said Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown.

So what is Congress doing?

Amtrak's budget is close to being approved, and an extension of the ban on taxing internet service is headed to the President's desk.

Still, most of the budget, including the President's $196 billion request for Iraq, remains in limbo.

Analysts predict this fight could go on until the beginning of the year.