Pantless burglar busted in Wisconsin home

by Charles Benson

A Wisconsin burglary suspect was caught with his pants down this weekend.

Police say 18-year-old Ben Hoppe broke into a house's basement early Sunday.

The homeowner was out at the time, but spotted Hoppe downstairs when he came home and gave chase.

He briefly pinned the burglar in the backyard, but Hoppe squirmed out of his pants and shoes and slipped away.

The homeowner's wife, who had been sleeping upstairs, heard the commotion and called police.

Police later found him hiding in tall grass in a wooded area, clad in only a hooded sweat shirt and red boxer shorts.

They are seeking charges of disorderly conduct, burglary and possession of stolen property.

A search of his pants turned up property believed to have been taken from a vehicle in the neighborhood, police said.

Neighbor Steve Washebek heard all the commotion.

"It was pretty intense, cops all over the place," Washebek said.

After being arrested, Hoppe asked: "can I get my pants back?"

Police said Hoppe is a possible suspect in other burglaries.