Texas Town up for sale on E-Bay

by Shannon Wolfson

An entire central texas town is up for sale on eBay.
It's the tiny town of Albert and it sits southwest of Austin.
There's quite a lot of character packed into Albert's 13 acres.

On the fringes, there's an old schoolhouse once attended by president Lyndon Baines Johnson.

It's now a community center for the town's only 4 residents.

There's also pecan and peach orchards, a house for the new "mayor" and a special tourist attraction.

It's an 80-year old icehouse with a 400-year old tree shading the back patio.

Owner Bobby Cave owns the old building.

He admits it needs some work but says it has the building has a ton of potential.

"It needs a little restoration, but a person who is really creative, he could come out here and have that dance hall just kickin' an excellent venue for live music and just good entertainment." Said Cave.

Jody Ewan lives in Albert.

He says he came for a job and stayed for the atmosphere.

"I came out here and started bartending a little bit and ended up turning into the maintenance guy, and now I'm the landscaper, and the painter, and bottle washer, and everything, said Ewan.
"I'm kind of a project oriented guy.  I didn't expect Albert, the little town and the bar and the beer garden, to get up and going as quickly as it did. It's doing exactly as I wanted it to do.  We're open every weekend, and I think it's time for the next guy to take it to the next step," said Cave.

The trick now is getting buyers to bite.
Cave is asking $2.5 million for the town which includes the house, tavern, and dance hall.

But the eBay bid so far is just up to $175,600.