Five Million Dollar Bond for Pecos County Hospital

By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

Five Million Dollars. That's how much money administrators at the Pecos County Hospital said they need for expansion. But it'll be up to the voters to decide whether the hospital will get that green light to expand. NewsWest 9 found out where all that money will go.

The cones on the east side of Pecos County Memorial Hospital mark the property line where plans are in the works for expansion. It's all part of a five million dollar bond that will construct and equip a physical therapy wellness center on the hospital campus. For administrators at the hospital, they said it's really going to help a growing Fort Stockton.

"The future of health care is today. If you're standing still in health care, you are losing ground," said Russell Tippin, the CEO of Pecos County Memorial Hospital. "And we want to be able in five years to look back and say we're really glad five years ago we chose to move forward with this, and build the building."

And it's a building that's going to have a lot more than just rooms for patients. Tippin showed us exactly where it will go, and said it should be able to provide a lot of different services.

"We're looking to do things such as aquatics therapy, hyperbaric chamber therapy, things that we can really address with the population of Fort Stockton and Pecos County as far as diabetic needs are concerned and things like that," explained Tippin.

And with all of the added facilities, Tippin said they're hoping more people will be attracted to Fort Stockton.

"Our main focus is on everything south of interstate 10, and that's kind of what we had with the MRI situation things like that is that we realize people are having to travel so far to get these services done. What can we do here to within reason to stop them here and have them use us?" asked Tippin. "And this is where this came from."

But he added, the plans have not been made without a lot of help and advice.

"We visited with a lot of people who have built new facilities. We've visited with people in Odessa/Midland area that have built facilities. We have traveled to look at some and we've taken bits and pieces from different locations that we like to come up with something we think can serve everybody," explained Tippin.

He said the bond is all part of natural expansion for the hospital. First, it was the sleep center. Then, it was the MRI machine, and now it's the physical therapy wellness center. And administrators with the hospital said they're happy to have the support of so many in Pecos County.