Fighting for a Cause

by Camaron Abundes
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- A local Midland Police Officer is fighting for a cause, literally. Officer Brad Barnes organized a grappling tournament called "Fight for Heroes," hosted at Midland Christian Saturday.

Mixed martial artists of all ages and from all over Texas showed up.

"It gives you this rush, this feeling, because you are as good as you want to be," Donnie Tarrango, a UT police officer and contender. For Police officers stepping onto the mat gives them a chance to stay sharp.

"Knowing what your doing on the ground is very important to us, to make sure we make it home each night," said Kevin Chance, Odessa police officer and contender.  Money raised at

Saturday's event will be used to start a fund to help officers and their families if they are hurt or killed in the line of duty. "This is a proactive event because money raised also goes to a general fund that we are starting. If an officer gets seriously injured or killed in the line of duty we're going to cut them a check to do something positive," said Brad Barnes. It also gave fighters the chance to see what they are made of. "The only person that can really beat you is not the other guy. It's you," said Tarrango.