Residents return to rubble from California wildfires

by Jay Gray
NBC News

For the second straight day conditions Friday helped fire teams on the front lines of the southern California wildfires.

There was no significant wind, temperatures were cooler and Friday morning there was even a little fog hovering over the san Diego area.

All of that has allowed strike teams to hold the break lines they have established as they continue to battle more than a dozen wildfires across the area.
Meanwhile, the painful trip home continues for thousands.

"We had been back in so we knew what to expect, but every time you see it, you find more things that are ruined and it's pretty heartbreaking, really," said one homeowner who lost everything.

Evidence of the fickle nature of the flames, some residents returned to only rubble and ash while just next door, homes appear untouched.
After nearly a week of intense firefighting there is now a sense of recovery in the area.

Qualcomm Stadium, a shelter to as many as 12,000 people throughout the week is scheduled to close Friday afternoon.

But as so many sift through the debris and search for where to go next, fire teams continue their struggle to make sure even more families aren't affected by the flames.