Thrift Store Stops Selling Used Toys

By Camaron Abundes
NewsWest 9

ODESSA- If you think sifting through your child's box to find recalled items is hard, imagine searching through bags and bags of donations in the search for unsafe toys. Catholic Charities Thrift Shop didn't want to take any chances with your child's health, that's why they've stopped selling all donated toys.

"We are receiving donations, but we stopped completely selling donations for that purpose," said Martha Cruz, manager of Catholic Charities Thrift Store.

Toys left on the shelf aren't for sale, but you'll find the bulk of the toys stuck inside the storage room, because Catholic Charities doesn't have the staff to check out each toy.

"There's a lot of toys and we don't have enough man power to check each toy individually," said Cruz, who says they aren't the only ones suffering through the recall.

Goodwill staff members say they're already seeing a shortage of toys for this year's toy drive.

At the Salvation Army, their staff has thrown out some recalled items, but they're not sure how it will effect this years annual holiday toy drive.