Jobsite Thefts On The Rise

by Jacqueline Sit
NewsWest 9

Thieves and burglars are targeting places like new homes under construction, and those crimes could cost homeowners like you hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

"We really need the help of the entire community, it is a rampant problem," Lance Friday, President of Permian Basin Home Builders Association, said.

A problem that's quickly spreading across the Basin especially here in Midland-Odessa where these bad guys are stealing whatever they can get their hands on.

"Building materials are extremely expensive, and I think a lot of the times its' just sitting there on the jobsites, and they decide to help themselves without thinking the impact on the builders they're causing," Teresa Clingman, Midland County District Attorney, said.

These crimes are costing homebuilders.

"You have the situation of delayed jobs, added expense to the jobs, housing prices are high enough as they are with this contributing to the builders' bottom line," Clingman said.

Not to mention homeowners like you thousands out of your pocket.

"It affects your cost, if you do not have an additional way to pay for the loss it goes to the bottom line of the house price," Friday said.

Investigators say every builder in town has been hit by this crime wave, and it's becoming an all too common case that's tough to crack.

"A lot of times it happens right before sundown and people have trucks come in and it looks like it's supposed to be there picking up materials and it's hard to say when a theft is taking place," Bob Dozier, Director with PBHBA, said.

Because this crime happens at any time, investigators ask that you report anything suspicious.  Taking down license numbers or getting a good description of the car could get them that much closer to catching the bad guys.

And any information leading to an arrest could get you 1000 dollar reward from Crime Stoppers.