Elderly jewelry thief caught on tape

by Sharon Lawson

Surveillance cameras caught an elderly jewel thief in the act at a Coral Springs, Florida store on Wednesday.

Fashion Jewels has been open for about six months.

The shop specializes in unique pieces.

The surveillance showed an elderly woman in a green shirt.

Police said the gray-haired woman in her 60s or 70s robbed the store twice -- last weekend and on Wednesday.

Storeowners said the woman was casing the store before she stole several unique and high-end pieces.

They said they installed the security cameras on Tuesday to catch her in the act.

"Believe it or not, we put them up last night and we caught her today," said co-owner of Fashion Jewels Mike Balkis.

"She came back today and she swapped out a ring that she previously stole from us."

Sales associate Anita Persaud said while the woman was looking around, she began to sneeze.

"She asked me for a tissue because she was covering her mouth," Persaud said. "While she was covering her mouth, I went to get the tissue for her, and she grabbed one of the heart pendants off the shelf."

Another sales associate, Sarah Otero, said the woman looked like a "nice old lady."

Police said they are investigating, but still do not know who the woman is.