Florida family wrecked by police stop sticks in case of mistaken identity

by Jeff Lennox

A case of mistaken identity led to a wild ride for a family visiting Central Florida on Thursday.

Seminole County sheriff's deputies chased down a car they thought was involved in a crime and even placed stop sticks to stop the vehicle.

Authorities said they were pursuing a silver Ford Mustang that was driving out of control on county streets, and around 1:45 a.m., deputies thought they saw the car entering state Road 417.

Officials said the deputies sped ahead of the car and placed some stop sticks.

The car that was stopped was a silver Dodge Charger.

A driver and passenger were handcuffed.

After talking to them and checking their records, authorities said they realized they had the wrong car.

"It was real wrong. If I can get a lawsuit, We're going to sue," victim Calvin Bryant said.

"I was very, very scared. They pulled me out of the car. He immediately handcuffed me. He didn't give me any explanation. He didn't tell me anything. The only thing I was thinking about was that my son was in the back seat of the car," victim Kimberly Paige said.

"Unfortunately, these things do happen. They've happened before, and they probably will happen again, but we still feel strongly that it's a much safer method of trying to apprehend criminals than chasing them at high speeds around the county," Seminole County Sheriff's Office Lt. Beary Smith said.

The sheriff's office issued an apology to the family and got them a rental car.

They also agreed to pay for all of the damages to their Dodge Charger.