Couple holds ghostly Halloween wedding

by Lydia Esparra

With a full and hazy moon, the guests arrived, dressed in their finest attire.

And they were a sight for sore eyes or should I say no eyes.

The groom showed up in a hearse and his entrance was to die for.

The bridesmaid appeared in the color of pure evil.

And the bride escorted by Dracula looked as pure as snow.

Guest Michelle Millhoane said "Tina really believes in the union of marriage. This is just an addition to it, their passion and they are very creative people."

Creative people who had a wedding recited by the Grim Reaper.

Then they sealed the union of horror with a kiss.

Groom Rob Seifer said "where's the love? It's all in our hearts. Me and her are going to love each other forever."

Onlookers approved and wouldn't blame those who were dying to attend.

A wedding made in heaven or hell.

Bride Tina Seifer said "the theme of our wedding is love never dies. We been together for a long time and we have been through some rough stuff."

'Til death do they part.