New device lets you watch downloaded videos on your television

by Scott Budman

It's the latest wave in consumer technology: downloading your home videos and favorite TV shows to your home computer, then moving them to your big screen TV.

The latest company to give you both is Sandisk, with the pocket-sized memory storage device called "Take TV".

"Networks are looking to expand their audiences, and people love getting video and downloading it to their PCs, so the idea is they're already doing that, doing that in droves," explained SanDisk's Kate Purmal.

Take TV comes with a companion download service called "Fanfare."

It's brand new and doesn't yet offer anywhere near what you can find on competitors like Apple's iTunes.

It's easy to use.

Plug in, download and hook up just once to your TV and you're done.

"People know how to drag and drop files into a USB flash drive.  They know how to connect those to a TV.  Let's marry the two and that's how we created this product," Purmal explained.

Take TV is smaller, faster and cheaper than its peers.

It has 4-gig and 8-gig versions.

They start at just 100 bucks.

The downside is there's not much content yet.

It's growing, but while it will work with your home videos, it won't work with your iTunes.