Deadly wildfires continue to burn across southern California

by Jay Gray
NBC News

More than a dozen wildfires continue to ravage southern California.

The fight against the flames became a full fledged war as the blaze made its way onto the Camp Pendleton Marine base.

Everything associated with these fires seems to be growing.

More than 400-thousand acres have been torched, more than 13-hundred homes damaged or destroyed and more than a million people pushed from their homes.

Is the largest evacuation effort since the Civil War.

After four days of battling this vicious firestorm firefighters are being worn down.

"You never know which way this fire is going to turn," said firefighter Paul Adamson.

Relief is pouring in from other states, as well as Canada, but it can't come fast enough.

The manpower and equipment coming in from across the country is vital, but the help they need the most can only come from mother nature.