Globe Cleaners Open for Pick-Up

By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

They're shutting down for good, but not without giving their customers a chance to get their clothes back. That's the message from the Globe Cleaners in Odessa. But as NewsWest 9 discovered, even by Tuesday there are still customers who don't have their clothes.

"And then turn around, and all of a sudden, it's just totally closed, so it's like we were all going ok, what is the deal?" said Patty Kinnaird.

It's a question many customers have been asking. And for Patty Kinnaird, she's having to ask why both Globe Cleaners in Odessa have closed, and why it was so hard to get her clothes back.

"Finally found out that the guy was shut down, because of tax purposes," said Kinnaird.

But the law does allow the cleaners to open under certain circumstances.

"What I was told was that he could open up to give people back their clothes, but he could not open up his business to run it," explained Kinnaird.

The signs outside of the 8th street location said they will be open until Friday for pickup. However, neither location would talk to us about the situation. The man we're told owns the business, Corey Harrison, is no where to be found.

"But as I said, over the last couple of months, you could see the demise, without actually seeing it until all this happened," said Kinnaird.

Kinnaird did end up finding her clothes Tuesday when she went through the drive-through, but as for the inside of the Eastridge location:

"They're just, there's just everybody's clothes in a pile, and there's dry cleaning, there's laundry, but not everyone's is actually together, it's all just in one big pile," explained Kinnaird.

She urges other customers to be patient if they are coming for their clothes.

"Because I know they are struggling right now, and it's...just a mess in there," said Kinnaird.

Neither of the Globe Cleaners answered their phones Tuesday. It was our understanding that the Eastridge location would remain open all afternoon. But we found out they shut down at 3, and are expected to have normal business hours the rest of the work week.