Help Wanted: Cracker Barrel

by Jacqueline Sit
NewsWest 9

I spoke with the manager today and she says midland is a tough market when it comes to hiring people.  They say they're still opening their doors in a few weeks Midlanders have been waiting for the grand opening of the popular restaurant since the announcement they were coming to town.

But those who have been waiting are people who want to eat there not work there.

They're trying to fill 200 positions from servers to dishwashers and we're told they have 55 employees so far.

As we've reported all year, Midland is the number one city in the state when it comes to unemployment they're just aren't that many people looking for jobs and new businesses are having a tough time competing with the booming oil fields. But there are still people willing to sign up just not as many as they might have had a few years back.

In fact, one Midlander says he signed on because it's a one of a kind restaurant.

"I mean that oilfield is booming so you just got to get in where you can get in, it's mainly restaurants that's easier to get into, you can get in pretty easy," Matt Castro, one job applicant said.

They're still accepting applications trying to fill as many of these open positions as they can before they open on November 12th.