Mayoral Race Heats Up

By Camaron Abundes
NewsWest 9

The Mayoral race is heating up after Stephanie Sparkman called a press conference to discuss unethical decisions made her opponent Wes Perry.

"These issues are being warped and when challenged on them my opponent has called me a liar," said Stephanie Sparkman said.

Sparkman claims Perry voted on issues related to the Wall Street Project, when he and his partners stood to gain from that vote. Perry told Newswest Nine, he only voted when he cleared it with the City Attorney.

"I am all for downtown revitalization, but I find it troubling when anyone on the council votes to appropriate our tax money when he or she directly benefits," she said.

"Everytime I voted on anything that gets close I would ask Keith Stretcher, and he would advise me whether or not it was a conflict of interest and he does it for all the council," she said.

Sparkman also claims the city waived thousands of dollars in landfill fees. Perry argues his companies will pay for all of their dumping.

The pair also differ on taxes, Perry says he don't want to cut services to lower taxes, Sparkman claims the city wouldn't have to.

Sunday the candidates will have a chance to speak at a "Meet the Candidates" forum at the Midland Center at 3pm.