Eyesore In Midland

by Jacqueline Sit
NewsWest 9

"I love Midland, I think the world of midland people are nice and friendly but there's a lot of things they can do to improve the city, keep Midland beautiful, haha, walk out my front door and take a look," Anne Robbins, a concerned Midland resident, said.

Take a look, tall weeds, trash and standing water.  It's an eyesore Anne Robbins says she wakes up to every day.  So she took matters into her own hands, calling the City of Midland every week, hoping something would be done.

"We're gonna get it done, we're gonna get it done. When? It won't be long when the damn grass will die and then we got a place for the rats and we'll have a place for the rats to eat. The dumpster behind Texas Roadhouse then we're going to have the rats over here," Robbins said.

We called the city and a building official tells NewsWest Nine the property belongs to Texas Roadhouse Restaurant.

"They keep the front real clean, but that back was something else," Robbins pointed out.

"I'd like for the lot to be cleaned, the ditch to be cleaned if there is a situation where it cannot be mowed with a mower hand mow the spot and they won't have a problem again," Robbins said.

All this 87-year-old asks is for that mess to be cleaned up; the long time resident came to the states with her late husband from Germany after World War II.

The place she lives in now is much more than home, it's her pride and joy.

"These people bend over backwards to keep this place looking the way it does I'm proud that I live here, and I'm going to live here until they burn the place down or I die," Robbins said.

The City of Midland tells NewsWest Nine they sent a letter to Texas Roadhouse several weeks ago, asking them to cut their grass.  I spoke to a manager at Texas Roadhouse and he tells us the mess will be gone by next week.  We'll let you know what happens.