Deadly Infection Hits the Basin

By:  Hema Mullur
NewsWest 9

"The first thing he said was, 'He could die.'"

The worst words a parent could hear.

"They told us it was MRSA Staph, that he would be in isolation."

The mother, who wishes to remain anonymous, says it wasn't until this week she knew just how bad this was.

"When he had it 3 weeks ago, I didn't think it was something that everybody had.  I just thought it was a very strange, isolated thing, that it was just my child that had this.  I'd been watching it all week on NewsWest 9, hearing about it, then last night after they had talked about closing down a school to disinfect, I got up this morning and said 'I need to let people know that it's been here in Midland, my child had it.  We were told the worst news that parents can be told."

Her son, a Lee High School athlete, spent a total of 6 days in the hospital in isolation.  After a series of intense treatments, he's made it through.  But his mother worries another student may not.

"He lifts weights, he touches all that stuff that the others players touch.  They say it's anywhere, but in confined gyms and locker rooms, places like that, it does spread because you've got sweaty boys," she said.

She says she let the school know what was happening, and now, three weeks later, and they've still done nothing.

"I told them what he had, that he was in isolation, that I didn't know how long he would be there, that this was deadly.  They need to sit kids down and explain to them, send out a letter to the parents saying this is what it is.  Parents other than myself need to know, and someone doesn't need to die for them to actually get the news out there that it's in Midland."

In response to her story, NewsWest 9 contacted the Midland Independent School District. 

Health services supervisor Tracey Dees tells us they were notified of this case of MRSA as well as some others, but it is not their policy to warn parents. 

Dees does tell NewsWest 9 the district plans on sending out a health alert to all parents next week advising them of the need to maintain good hygiene, specifically in regards to MRSA. 

However, that advisory will not contain the information that a student has recently been diagnosed with the infection. 

Meanwhile, on a good note, the athlete in our story did make a full recovery from the infection. 

He has just finished his last round of antibiotics, and is thankfully in the clear now. 

His mother tells us things are changing at her home, and they are now being extra cautious about hygiene and making sure they never have to deal with something like this again.