Severe storms rips across the mid-west killing at least 2 people

by Jay Gray
NBC News

A violent and deadly string of tornados moved across the nation's midsection Wednesday night and into Thursday, snapping power lines, splintering homes and spreading debris for miles.

Oklahoma is where this system delivered it's first shot late Wednesday.

"When the down burst came, it just completely tore it down quick. It didn't happen over time, I mean it was instantaneous," said Dan Valta.

At least 30 people were injured in Tulsa as winds, at times over 70-miles an hour, snapped support poles and ripped apart a tent at Octoberfest.

Tornados and straight line winds left a path of debris through Arkansas and Illinois.

As the system moved through Missouri it turned deadly.

Two victims were found in the remains of a mobile home that was sheared and scattered by a tornado that ripped through Monroe County.

Home video shows a second twister in Lawrence County.

Pensacola, Florida also took a direct hit.

Thousands were left without power.

The 24 hours of violent weather left hundreds homeless, thousands without power and a good part of the country cleaning up.

There is more bad news for many of the areas affected by the storms.

Forecasters say another system of severe weather could move through the region later Thursday evening.