Local Prevention on Staph Infection

by Jacqueline Sit
NewsWest 9

"Sure, it's a concern a very big concern to everyone so not only in the weight lifting business, but also in schools in dressing rooms and restaurants," Mike Neeley, Director of YMCA in Odessa, said.

With the word of the 'superbug' flying across the country, it's also the talk of the town here in the Basin.  At the Odessa YMCA, it's been said that cleanliness is godliness and in this gym, it's something they practice every day.

James Lujan lift weights on a daily basis, but he says the bug is not too much of a concern.

"You still gotta do your everyday workouts and hope nothing like that would ever happen," James Lujan, who is not too concern about the infection, said.

James like many has heard about the drug resistant strand of staph infection on the news and he is taking the 'better safe than sorry' approach.

"Whenever you're a kid whatever you can get into, you get into, but now they're telling you to wash your hands wash your hands," Lujan said.

And doctors can't stress that enough, keeping your hands clean no matter where you go and a little bit of work goes a long way.

"We wash hands after we go to the bathroom, before they eat they wash their hands when they're changing the babies, the babies even washed their hands," Mollie Hensley with the YMCA Daycare in Odessa, said.

In the Y's daycare, their toddlers are under watchful eyes.

"You have kids that have runny noses everyday, it's just good sanitation, and it's just important that our kids remain healthy," Hensley added.

"If we don't have a clean weight room we don't have clean dressing rooms, we're going to lose business and that's not what we're here for we want a clean facility," Neeley said.

Because more and more people are getting concern about this Staph infection, the state listed new guidelines on what you can do to prevent yourself from the "superbug".

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