Scammers Uses Tall City Hospital Phone Number for fraud

By Camaron Abundes
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- Don't trust your caller ID, at least don't trust it blindly, that's the message from Midland Memorial Hospital tonight after a scam artists used their name and number to solicit donations.

"The number that showed up on the caller id, showed up as Midland Memorial Hospital," said Jacques Hyatt, "It was a recorded solicitation it was looking for donations, for money. Midland Memorial does not do that."

Hyatt learned that the number was an extension not used by the hospital in some time, and the telephone company confirmed no one from inside the hospital made the call, but with new technology that allows callers to alter the number that appears on caller ID, it could have come from anywhere.

"It is not illegal, to change or to spoof your phone number on caller ID," said Trish Powell, CEO of the Better Business Bureau, that's why it is up to the consumer to investigate.  "If someone calls, sends you a letter or email asking for a donation before you commit to that donation check that business out."

The hospital wants any community member who gets a call from the hospital asking for donations, to let the hospital know. Staff at the Better Business Bureau say in order not to get involved in a scam always check to see where your money is going.

"If you do not check this out, you might be giving money to a scam artist, and not the organization you thought you were supporting," said Powell.