Toddler survives fall from 4th story balcony

by Jackie Benson
WRC News

A two-year-old boy is alive after falling from a fourth-floor balcony in Silver Spring, Maryland on Tuesday.

According to police the child was playing on a balcony when he fell 35 to 40 feet to the ground below.

Witnesses said it appeared that at some point in the boy's descent, his body arced away from the cinder block patio wall directly below the balcony and landed on grass.

"He didn't hit any of the balconies in between, he just fell down to the ground," neighbor Erin Jordan said.
Jordan said she heard the boy's mother screaming for help.

"All I could think about was where is his mother," Jordan said. "And then I heard her scream like somebody was murdered."

Neighbors said it was lucky the boy landed on the grass.

"He was crying, but we couldn't pick him up because, you know, if you pick him up that could fracture his bones or whatnot," neighbor Anne Brutus said.

Montgomery County Police detectives took photographs of the scene and talked to witnesses.

A police representative said that is standard procedure in cases like this.

Jordan said the boy's mother takes very good care of her children.

She said she feels compassion for what she must be going through.

"She's a very loving woman. She would never do anything to hurt anybody's children. So, it's not her fault at all," said Jordan.
The child suffered serious head trauma.

Rescue workers said he was alert and breathing when he arrived at Children's Hospital in Washington, D.C.