Mother calls School District Frisking Policy flawed

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

A concerned Odessa parent went before the School Board Tuesday night to express what she thinks is a flaw in the school district's policy.

Michelle Lambert says her daughter was frisked at permian high school.

Her problem, it was done by a district police officer in front of the vice principal, both are men.

Lambert says it scared her daughter, and she doesn't want it happening to other girls.

School policy does not require a person of the same sex to be present when a student is being patted down on campus.

"She was very upset.  If a female had been with them, then she probably would have been a little more at ease, she would have paid attention to what they were saying and taking it to heart," Michelle Lambert said.

"We have not heard all the sides of the story.  We want to make sure that we understand completely what went on, and she was not saying anything inappropriate went on but there was some opportunities for us to make some improvements and that's what we appreciate," E.C.I.S.D. School Board Member Randy Rives, said.

Also at Tuesday night's school board meeting, the board discussed a timeline to hire a permanent superintendent.

They plan to wait until the newest school board member, Faye Batch, comes on board.

Batch is taking over the District 2 seat after Renda Berryhill left when she moved out of the district.

Once batch is seated, they will set up a timeline to hire a superintendent.