Air Ambulance in Big Spring

by Jacqueline Sit
NewsWest 9

"A lot of these rural communities don't have any air ambulance services in the event of an life threatening event or accident," Rhyse Gehrett, pilot supervisor for the Air Evac Lifeteam in Big Spring, said.

In cases of an emergency, every second counts.

"Time is critical, minute by minute, as each minute passes by it's critical for that patient," Gehrett said.

And that's what landed the Air Evac Lifeteam in Big Spring, the team of pilots, nurses and medics moved in from their Sweetwater base to focus on this part of west Texas so it doesn't overlap the services at the turf in Abilene.

"This is for our med crew and where our patients will be transported back here you can have pretty everything you can find in the back of an ambulance," Loran Rule, a flight paramedic, said.

For 60 bucks a household, patients can use this service 24/7, all year round.  Think of it as an emergency air ambulance equipped just like the real deal on the ground.

"We have your cardiac monitors and defibrillators, we have portable ventilator," Rule pointed out.

But when time is of the essence, speed could be "...the number one thing that's going to save their life is getting them to a facility that can treat stabilize and fix the problem," Rule said.