Big Drug Bust in Ector County

By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

A West Odessa man sits in the slammer, after authorities uncovered $20,000 dollars worth of drugs. Investigators found the stash after searching a home in Ector County. They also turned up some weapons, which makes it a federal investigation.

"When you escalate it at your own choice by having narcotics, being a felon, and then adding a firearm on top of it, it's kind of the one two, three - you're out. And now it's just going to escalate, and make it even more of a problem for him," said Sergeant Gary Duesler, with the Ector County Sheriff's Department

A problem is right. The Sheriff's Office said they came to one Spiro Avenue home late Monday night and found cocaine, marijuana, crystal meth, and ecstasy. The man deputies said it belonged to is 26-year-old Ricardo Salgado. He is being charged with dealing drugs, and felon in possession of a gun. And for one neighbor we talked to, who wished to remain anonymous, said the drug bust wasn't a shocker.

"No, I'm not surprised. I've been kind of expecting it, because there's been too much traffic down there. I mean, I can look out my kitchen window and see cars in and out. They leave all hours of the day, and you can hear them leave at night. If I'm up I can hear them leave, be gone 15 minutes, and they come back, and I know people don't go to the store that much," explained the resident.

And the neighbor thinks they've been dealing drugs for a while at that location.

"Oh yeah, a few years ago when they lived there before, I knew what they were. The neighbors and I talked about it," the resident said.

The neighbor hopes the man with the drugs remains behind bars for a long time, and authorities said there's a good chance he won't be living on Spiro again anytime soon.

"The plus side to any of this is the gentleman is going to be out of Ector County for probably a long period of time," said Sgt. Duesler.

The sheriff's office told us federal authorities took over the investigation because of the specific charges against Salgado.