Accused Child Rapist arrested near Las Vegas

by Jay Gray
NBC News

It started as a routine traffic stop Monday night in Henderson, Nevada just outside of Las Vegas.

But officers soon realized there was nothing ordinary about the stop or the suspect.

Police had finally nabbed Chester Stiles, an accused child molester they had been searching for in the Nevada desert for quite some time.

Stiles car had no license plate, and police say he tried to show officers fake identification.
Arresting officer Mike Dye of the Henderson Police Department said, "He finally told us, I'm Chester Stiles, the guy you're looking for, and at that time he just said I'm sick of running."

Stiles had been on the run for four years after he was charged with sexually assaulting a 6-year-old girl in 2003.

His criminal record also lists previous charges of assault, battery, resisting arrest, auto theft and weapons possession.

But the manhunt for one of America's most wanted criminals was ratcheted-up a month ago when, a man named Darren Tuck gave Las Vegas Police a video that reportedly showed Stiles raping a two-year old girl.

"We have 21 counts pending against Mr. Stiles, these counts all stem from viewing the tape," said Las Vegas Police Captain Vincent Cannito.

Investigators still want to know if there is any relationship between Stiles and Tuck, and how he got a copy of the video tape that shows Stiles with the little girl.

Tuck remains behind bars charged with possession of child pornography.

"People who are suspected of doing this stuff are gonna get caught. It's just a matter of time," Officer Dye said.
Stiles is due in court Wednesday.

Investigators are continuing their work in the case, trying to determine if Stiles may be part of a larger child sex ring.