New lighter Sony PSP is set to hit stores

by Scott Budman

The video game industry isn't just growing it's getting more portable.

Sony has taken one of the top-selling portable game systems, its Portable Play Station, or PSP, and improved it.

Like its predecessor, it will play games, movies, and up to 8 gigabytes of music.

This time around, whether black, white, or silver, it's 33% lighter.

Sony says that's what the customers requested.

"You know they said, make this smaller and lighter for us, so we can bring it around," said Sony's John Koller.
Sony still faces competition from the Apple iPod, and is counting on its own LCD screen, hoping that size matters.

"When you're watching a movie on a plane, or even playing a game, you wanna see what you're playing, and with some of the others it's hard to even engage, so we said let's build it around the screen." said Koller.

Speaking of screens, you can also now play PSP games and watch PSP movies on the big screen.
"If you're in a hotel, or in the car with the kids, and you want to hook up the PSP to a bigger screen, you can.  It has a video output jack," according to Koller.

Big or small.  Sony is counting on gamers to help its portable system go places.
The new PSP's start at $169.

The TV video output jack is sold separately for another $20.