OPD Safe Zones on 42nd, But Why?

By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

It's another week of Safe Zones for the Odessa Police, and this week, parts of 42nd street are getting extra attention from patrol officers. However, this isn't the first time they have chosen 42nd for a safe zone.

"It could be in the morning, it could be lunch, it could be afternoon, it could be at night. It doesn't matter what time they think that we are there, people should always be aware that those speed limits are posted there for a reason," said Corporal Sherrie Carruth, with Odessa Police.

The point of the Police's Safe Zones is clear: Get people to stop speeding through major streets and intersections. But why choose a certain part of 42nd street?

"Those are areas that we seek out because of the high volume. We have traffic all over the city, but certain areas have a higher volume, with more businesses and our schools, the mall, a lot of eating areas over there, it brings in a lot of traffic," explained Carruth.

And more traffic means more chances for accidents, but police are hopeful that will change.

"We are trying to make those areas, safe zones, we want to call them safe zones, because that's the point, to make them safer by getting people to understand that if they know we are going to be there, then they are going to obey," said Carruth.

The Safe Zone program is just beginning its third month, and contrary to what some might think, the goal of Odessa Police is not to hand out tickets, but to get you home safe. NewsWest 9 will keep you posted on how successful they are.