Robbery Suspect on the Run

by Jacqueline Sit
NewsWest 9

"It's always frustrating when you don't find him you want to solve all your cases but it's just one step at a time," Sheriff Cliff Harris of Pecos County, said.

Frustrating and fruitless, with little clues, investigators say an 18 hour manhunt is over for now, for a robbery suspect.

"Right now we're all tired so we're going to go back to the owner, and the subject who got robbed to get more details," Harris said.

Several witnesses saw the getaway car in the area, that's when the search began.  Pecos and Upton County Sheriffs, DPS went on foot, on mounted patrol and with search dogs.

ATVs and planes scanning around a remote area in Bakersfield, chasing after their man for hours, their search turned up with nothing.

"This is a very remote area, either way you go the next town is either 30 to 40 miles away," Harris said.

It all started at a gas station in Bakersfield around 6:45 Sunday night when sheriff's got a call about an armed robbery.  Investigators say the robber walked in, pointed a semi-automatic weapon at the store clerk, then took off with 16-hundred dollars.

"The subject that was rob of course he was pretty upset and nervous and everything after, because I mean someone just pointed a gun at him," Harris said.

Authorities say at this point, the robber could be anywhere.

"The tenant said all he did was go over the overpass and from there, he couldn't tell if he went west on the interstate or straight on FM 11 there are several different ways you can get out of here," Harris said.

Now investigators do have a description of the suspect, he is a black man about 5'10 and has gold teeth.  He was last seen wearing a white shirt, blue jeans and black bandana.  He was believed to be driving a two door black colored vehicle.  He is considered armed and dangerous.  If you see or hear anything, call the police or sheriff's department.